For over 15 years, Storm Coil Repair Ltd. has provided quality service to the steel industry throughout Canada and the United States. Storm Coil Repair Ltd. specializes in the repair of collapsed, flat, telescoped and oscillated steel, aluminum or copper coils.

We provide efficient, quick and same day service upon urgency of repair and maintain coils to the highest, professional standards so that coils may be recovered as prime steel with minimal yield loss.


Storm Roll & Coil Repair Ltd. has served the Steel Industry of Southern Ontario and Quebec for over 15 years operating from its Stoney Creek location on Arvin Avenue.

Norman Mehnert, the company president and owner, has over 25 years experience in the reparation of steel, aluminum and copper coils, and along with his highly-trained staff can provide same-day service for any damaged coils.

Storm Coil Repair is available for repairing coils seven days a week, and will schedule according to your companyís needs. Call (905) 664-9085 or email for an appointment.